Assuming the position of Technical Director for the Barbados Football Association in June 2022 marked a pivotal moment in my career journey,

Taking on the mantle of Technical Director provides a significant opportunity to give back to Barbados in a truly meaningful manner. Fueled by a profound passion for the game and a deep-rooted desire to witness its prosperity at every level, I am motivated to effect positive change throughout football in Barbados from Primary all the way the the National teams.

At the core of my role as Technical Director lies a steadfast commitment to the growth and development of players and coaches alike. This commitment entails a comprehensive approach aimed at nurturing talent, honing skills, and fostering a culture of excellence across the footballing community.

Central to my vision is the understanding that by prioritizing coaching and player development, we can establish a robust foundation for enduring success in Barbados' footballing landscape. Through meticulous strategic planning, collaborative efforts with stakeholders, and the introduction of innovative initiatives, our aim is to elevate standards and unlock the full potential of football within Barbados.

In my capacity as Technical Director, I take immense pride in the pivotal role I play in shaping the future trajectory of football within our nation. I firmly believe that by investing in coaching and player development initiatives, we not only enhance the quality of football in Barbados but also empower individuals to thrive both on and off the pitch.


Barbados C license course
Emmerson Boyce in Barbados

Our commitment to advancing coach education remains resolute, with a renewed emphasis on engaging former national players and encouraging their active involvement in coaching pathways. It is crucial that we establish a clear and accessible route for former players who have proudly represented the country. This initiative is designed to offer them opportunities to maintain their connection with the sport, while also equipping them with the necessary tools to contribute meaningfully to national setups and positively influence the next generation of players.

Securing the support of both the Minister of Education and Minister of Sport was instrumental in transforming this vision into reality. With their backing, community coaches and physical education teachers now have the chance to participate in coaching courses and access coaching pathways, enriching talent development at grassroots levels.

Another pivotal aspect is the organization of a female-only CONCACAF W - C-license course, a commendable initiative aimed at bolstering female representation in the game. It is essential that we continue to prioritize the inclusion of more female representatives. There is a wealth of talented female coaches waiting for opportunities, and establishing clear coaching pathways is paramount. Moreover, these women serve as invaluable role models for the next generation of female coaches, inspiring and guiding them along their own coaching journeys.

Participating in the CONCACAF Coaching Education Workshop was truly rewarding, especially witnessing the outstanding performance of our female representatives from Barbados. It's crucial to highlight that Barbados is leading the charge in coach education, catering to both male and female practitioners. As we look ahead to 2024, our primary objective is to raise the standard of coaching across the island, with a particular emphasis on coaching education. Recognizing our roles as role models, we understand the significant influence we wield in shaping the future landscape of coaching in Barbados.



Concacaf and the Barbados Football Association (BFA) celebrated the culmination of the community-centric 'Bigger Game' program at Barbados' Wildey Turf, effectively wrapping up the launch of the initiative among Concacaf Member Associations for the year. This initiative, which places a strong focus on promoting women in sports, orchestrates football festivals exclusively tailored for girls and hosts comprehensive coaching workshops. The overarching aim is to generate excitement in the lead-up to the 2024 W Gold Cup.

Under the umbrella of Concacaf's Bigger Game, a social impact strategy, both Concacaf and the Barbados Football Association have taken the lead in organizing community activities. The Bigger Game initiative is driven by a mission to propagate the game of football and its core values throughout the region. This is achieved by expanding access to opportunities through football-centric events and embracing social responsibility initiatives.

The events at Barbados' Wildey Turf epitomize our commitment to coaching education and training sessions within the framework of the Bigger Game program. This initiative not only serves as a platform for enhancing football skills but also as a catalyst for fostering social impact and inclusivity within our community.







The launch of Football 4 School in 2023 was a significant milestone in our football and coach development endeavors. With support from FIFA and in collaboration with the Ministers of Education and Sport, along with assistance from the sports council, we are excited to utilize football as a means to positively impact the lives of young children. This program not only introduces them to the sport but also aims to influence coaching methods within schools.


Following the completion of the master trainer course and the selection of facilitators, we are now preparing for the final workshop scheduled for January 18th. Subsequently, the program is slated to be officially launched in the first week of February, with active participation from schools and the Ministry of Education.

Building upon the groundwork laid by our D license initiative, which focused on educating and introducing PE teachers to football fundamentals, this program represents a continuous effort to enrich the football experience for young learners.



"FIFA Leadership Workshop for Technical Directors" which took place in Jakarta, from 17 to 19 October 2023.Around 16 participants attended representing countries from AFC and CONCACAF. From Indonesia,

"These workshops have been immensely beneficial. Not only do they provide Technical Directors with the opportunity to share knowledge, challenges, and successes, but they also offer a reassuring reminder that regardless of the size of the country we work in, we face similar challenges. It's encouraging to exchange ideas on how to tackle various situations. The mentors have been absolutely fantastic, serving as great inspirations."


EB 2

The year 2023 has indeed been productive, with a strong focus on player and coaching development. Elite player production hinges on coaches' expertise in nurturing both the player and the individual. Having progressed through academies and played at top levels, I grasp the key elements for talent development: quality coaching, deep game understanding, and access to high-standard training resources.

The progress of the Technical Department, a new BFA initiative, fills me with pride. Fitz, Kent, and Dale's unwavering dedication has propelled us toward our development goals. Their behind-the-scenes efforts are invaluable to our strides forward.

Excitingly, the Talent Development Programme, endorsed by FIFA, will kick off funding in 2024. This initiative, focusing on youth development, builds upon coaching education courses from late 2022. FIFA's 4 Schools support reinforces our commitment to school football development. Introducing football to children early aims to boost female game participation, harnessing football's manifold benefits.

The U14 TDS group is brimming with excitement, showcasing players with promising potential for successful careers in the game. Engaging in meaningful conversations with parents and players of all ages, we gain insights into the challenges lying ahead. Together, our goal is to transform dreams into reality and impart crucial life skills that extend far beyond the pitch.

Emphasizing league development is paramount, acknowledging that elevating our top-tier football requires heightened competitiveness to excel on the international stage. Enhancements in youth football are imperative, placing equal emphasis on player and coach development, while fostering a culture where spectators play a pivotal role in respecting all individuals involved in the game.